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I am a musician, educator, and co-founder/director of 'Creative Alberta'; an initiative to establish Alberta as a world-renowned center of creativity in commerce, culture, and education.

‘Back to Basics’ Basically Flawed

My best friend Graham used to work with air traffic controllers.  Actually, he was their teacher.  He tells this wonderful story about one day when his students are taking an exam.  As he’s walking around, he notices one particularly stressed … Continue reading

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Dear Will,

I’ve spent the week mulling over your comment from my last (first) blog – and I promised that my next blog (this) would be dedicated to you. And I hope I can include in that dedication everyone and anyone who … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Creative Alberta

This is a blog about creativity. It’s about what makes us tick, and what could very possibly make us – all of us – amazing. But I have a considerable back story. It’s everything that has led to this point, … Continue reading

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