SimonsSays reflects the personal views and opinions of myself, Haley Simons.  I am a musician, mother, educator, and co-founder/director of Creative Alberta – a not-for-profit Society whose aim is to establish Alberta as a world-renowned center of creativity in commerce, culture and education.

This blog is a narrative of the personal adventures of a gal with a piano and an attitude.  And I’m not afraid to use either.


6 Responses to About

  1. John Su says:

    You forgot to mention your daughter’s got a great sense of “Style” which requires creativity! Great first entry and a real authentic sound and feel to it.

  2. Lisa Simons says:

    Lose one and you lose both…BRAVO Haley for taking on the cause and CREATING the blog. I see a change in store and thank you in advance – and NOT just because you’re my sister and you’re truly amazing! (love the blog tagline too!)

  3. Xanthe says:

    Great to see you started a blog outlining what Creative Alberta is all about! Kudos!

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